Public Health Informatics

According to most experts predicting the development of science and technology, 21st century must become the century of communication, which means the widespread use of global information systems. The use of such systems in public health opens a qualitatively new methods that provide for achieving the following goals: Ensure interoperability of regional clinics to large [...]

Degree in Nursing Informatics

Nursing informatics stands for process control systems of treatment and rehabilitation, automated intensive care, biofeedback, as well as prostheses and artificial organs that are created based on microprocessor technology. In the therapeutic process control systems in the first place out of the problem precise dosing of the quantitative parameters, stable retention of the given values [...]

American Medical Informatics Association

The mission of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) is established to promote the idea of ​​a unified information environment of health in all its aspects. Obviously, it will be effective only when the benefits of information workers at all levels feel health when modern information technology will become an integral part of their daily [...]

What is Medical Informatics

Development of medicine, the use of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, increasing the volume of medical literature resulted in the publication rapid growth of medical information, which makes workers health and medical researchers at the present stage refer to the computer that meets the requirements of today. An important place in the future of [...]

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