Degree in Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics DegreesNursing informatics stands for process control systems of treatment and rehabilitation, automated intensive care, biofeedback, as well as prostheses and artificial organs that are created based on microprocessor technology.

In the therapeutic process control systems in the first place out of the problem precise dosing of the quantitative parameters, stable retention of the given values ​​in the variability of the physiological characteristics of the patient. And the qualification of specialist with a degree in nursing informatics is very demanded for maintaining this automated framework.

Automated Systems for Intensive Care

Automated systems for intensive care to understand the system designed to manage the state of the body for therapeutic purposes, as well as its normalization, the restoration of the natural functions of organs and physiological systems of the sick man, keep them within normal limits. As implemented in their structural configuration of the system of intensive care is divided into two classes the system software management and control systems are closed.

For software management systems include systems for therapeutic effects. For example, various physical therapy equipment, equipped with computer equipment, devices for infusion of drugs, equipment for artificial ventilation and inhalation anesthesia, heart-lung machines, etc.

The closed system of intensive care are structurally more complex MPCS, as they combine the tasks of monitoring, evaluation of the patient and the development of therapeutic effects. Therefore, in practice the system of closed intensive care units are created only for very private, strictly defined tasks.

Graduates with Degree in Nursing Informatics

Graduates with degree in nursing informatics also learn about biofeedback systems, which are designed to provide current information on patient regarding functioning of his internal organs and systems, thus allowing the conscious volitional influence by the patient to achieve a therapeutic effect in a particular form of pathology.

The most frequently used parameters in the monitoring include electrocardiogram, blood pressure at various points, the frequency of nine breath temperature curve, the content of blood gases, cardiac output, the gas content in the exhaled air.

Hardware monitoring systems and similar systems for functional diagnosis does not differ fundamentally. An important feature of monitoring systems is the availability of rapid analysis and visualization of results in real time. This allows you to display on the screen as the dynamics of the various derivatives of the controlled variables. All this is done in different time scales.

The higher the quality system, the more possibilities of observation of the dynamics of controlled and associated performance it provides. The most common monitoring systems are used to simultaneously track the status of one to six patients, and each of them can be studied up to 16 basic physiological parameters.

Nursing Informatics Programs

Here is a pick of schools offering a degree in nursing informatics:

  1. MS in Nursing Nurse InformaticsKaplan University
  2. Master of Science in Health InformaticsWalden University
  3. Master of Health Administration – InformaticsUniversity of Phoenix
  4. MS in Health Care InformaticsGrand Canyon University

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