Bachelors Degree in Health Informatics

Since the recent federal regulations make more insurance companies, hospitals, doctors offices and other healthcare providers to switch to electronic records from paper ones, the significance of the health informatics manager or specialist  is becoming more and more highly valued and important because these specialists manage how health information is analyzed, collected, retrieved and used. For those holding a bachelors degree in health informatics the career outlook is better than for average people.

Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics

A bachelors degree in Healthe Informatics is lasts four years ubtil you can complete it. Its designed to combine core health informatics courses with general education requirements. Programs in this degree are offered both on online and campus, and tend to prepare students for the registered health informatics examination. This examination is sponsored by the American Healthcare Information Management Association.

Education Prerequisites for the BS in Health Informatics

While requirements for admission into colleges offering a baccalaureate in BS in health informatics can be different from school to school, recommended skills include healthcare skills and computer science knowledge. Students must usually have strong scores on admissions tests and possess a high school diploma.

Program Coursework for the BS in Health Informatics

Health informatics courses incorporate information on the applications , uses and impactof technology in healthcare administration. For example, the coursework may include:

  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Quality assurance and management
  • Systems and database design
  • Management principles
  • Healthcare statistics
  • Research methods
  • Medical terminology
  • Computer science

Informatics is concerned with retrieving, classifying, gathering , manipulating and storingof recorded information to be used in solving healthcare  and  decision-making problems. A bachelors in Healthcare Informatics combines the business of information management, medicine and healthcare. Graduates of this program may take positions in installing, managing, developing and programming information systems for hospitals or clinics or, alternatively, as support personnel or trainers. They may work for vendors of software programs, consulting firms or the government.

Popular Career Options for Bachelors Degree in Health Informatics Graduates

Health informatics field is going to experience a twenty per cent growth from 2008-2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This growth is due to an aging population who are going to need healthcare services. Potential career positions may include:

  • Health information resource manager
  • Healthcare consumer advocate
  • Data quality manager
  • Medical coder
  • Clinical data analyst

Schools Offering a Bachelors Degree in Health Informatics

Capella University

The already strong demand for capable individuals who are well educated in the technological nuances, which are required in health care establishments is growing every year. Capella University, in order to meet this demand,  has developed an online Bachelor of Science degree program which is focusing on Health Informatics. The program, which is conducted through the internet, makes it possible for those who are already working to complete their degrees without making drastic changes in their professional and personal commitments.

Capella’s online BS Health Informatics degree program consists of one hundred and eighty quarter credits worth of coursework, and these are earned by completing the prescribed number of Core Courses, General Education Courses, thirty nine quarter credits worth of Electives and a Capstone Course which should be taken on the learner’s last quarter in school.

Basic coursework includes topics such as information security, electronic information system management, regulatory compliance, and data integrity. Graduates who successfully complete the course are prepared to use technology to make recommendations to help reduce health care costs , and improve the quality of heath care services. Graduates often pursue IT-specialist roles in clinics, hospitals and other health care related establishments.

University of California-Davis

The University of California at Davis is offering a bachelors degree in healthcare informatics. The faculty at UC-Davis teach the curriculum from a variety of points of view. Students of this program come from the engineering, schools of medicine, nursing and health sciences. The program requires forty three credit hours for completion, which includes a masters degree thesis. Coursework includes:

  • linical databases knowledge management,
  • telemedicine,
  • principles of health informatics and medical decision support systems.

UC-Davis is also offering a graduate certificate in the field.


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