Bachelors Degree in Health Information Management

Health Information ManagementAccording to the widely held view, the MI must be taught as a separate special subject, just as is taught radiology. Too complex and diverse modern information technology, and sometimes too great psychological difficulties faced by most physicians in the study of Engineering. In accordance with these views, as well as the recommendations of a number of foreign universities, there is a program for MI for medical students with bachelors degree health information management.

The program provides for the definition of the subject of the MI and the role of information systems in modern medicine, are considered particularly medical information, the problem of information retrieval and discussion questions about the attempts of interpenetration of science and neuroscience. The main sections of the program devoted to biological signals (including their generation, distribution, informative parameters, analog and digital processing systems, the spectral-correlation and structural analysis, modeling methods of analysis), methods of data presentation, the elements of pattern recognition, intelligent systems (with foundations of knowledge engineering and expert systems) and databases, the development and operation of modern computer workstations physicians of various specialties, systems, intelligent monitoring and replacement of lost functions, problems of reliability of information systems and information security market development of telemedicine services.

It is superior compared to traditional statistical approaches and techniques of obtaining the data (data mining) for the scientific analysis of medical and biological information. The highest achievement of information technology deals with methods of computational diagnostics (X-ray, ultrasound, impedance and magnetic resonance computer tomography), as well as detection and visualization of anatomical volumes.

Lecture course for bachelors degree health information management is designed so that the students at the same time unfolding the overall logic of the scientific and engineering thought and progress in medical information processing systems. Beginning with a not very interesting for them lectures on the basics of digital signal processing, medical students are included in the exciting process of building a modern information system, the result of which may be, for example, pseudo-deep image of the tumor with color supplying its vessels, or prognosis of the pathological process unclear aetiology.

Seminars and workshops planned, taking into account the fact that most graduates will act as customers and users of information systems, at least as their co-developers. However, the rapid succession of generations of information technology systems and almost constant change in the user interface makes it meaningless memorization of interface elements and a sequence of elementary actions when meeting with the specific implementations of such complexes.

A typical mistake: when describing the technology students are imposed quickly obsolete private, predominantly declarative knowledge, while the most valuable are the common treatment. The implication of this the effect of the buttons that is, inability to solve the familiar problem even with a slight change in hardware or software interface due to the absence at the usual place of habitual control. Thats why we focus the students understanding of the principles of analysis and information management in medicine, the ability to accurately and logically correct formulate scientific and practical problems, choose appropriate methods and tools to address them, including to make the terms of reference for the design of programs and program- hardware systems for medical purposes.

Here is a pick of schools offering bachelors degree health information management:

1. DeVry University. Courses available: Bachelors Technical Management: Health Information Management

2. Bryant & Stratton College. Courses available: Bachelor Health Services Administration

3. Herzing University. Courses available: Bachelor Health Information Management.

4. Walden University. Bachelor CIS: Healthcare Informatics


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