Masters Degree in Health Informatics

Informatics as a science is the use of statistical methods and computers to manage and manipulate information. A Master in Health Sciences Informatics Degree is designed to prepare people to prepare for a career in research, or a doctoral program or process information in the health care field.

One of the fastest growing fields in the healthcare industry health informatics is a hybrid profession which combines the fields of healthcare, computer science and information science.

Through earning a Master’s of Health Informatics, health informatics professionals are coached into utilizing cutting-edge technology to learn the way health data is stored, acquired, used and retrieved. One of the main goals of these specialists is to improve access to health data and globally advance the overall delivery of quality patient care.

The Masters in Health Science is designed to provide the opportunity to have a rewarding professional career for those who acquired this degree. Informatics is a discipline, which is studying the behavior and structure of both artificial and natural systems as they apply to the healthcare field. The main object of study of this degree is sometimes referred to as medical informatics, health informatics, or sometimes chem-informatics, or bio-informatics.

Students in this program understand the use for informatics tools and use them to process and store information they come across during their job experience and learn the true definition of informatics. Graduates of the masters degree are prepared to work in upper-level management or in an executive secretarial position, where they will be responsible for the management of resources, and undoubtedly handle a lot of different case-files.

The demand for a less cumbersome and more effective informatics systems is expanding every year nowadays. The way in which patient information is stored will undoubtedly change over the next ten years. Getting a degree program in Informatics will keep you in trend of these changes.

Required Coursework for a Masters Degree in Health Informatics

Classes in an informatics program vary depending on specialty and focus, and may include:

  • Comparative genomics
  • Sequence pattern recognition
  • Fragment assembly in DNA sequencing
  • Structural genomics
  • Models of evolution
  • Systems biology
  • Molecular modeling
  • Molecular modeling and drug design
  • Computer-aided drug design
  • Computational chemistry
  • Analysis of data
  • 2D and 3D chemical coding
  • Telecommunication skills
  • Computer and Database skills related to Informatics
  • Analytical skills
  • Implementation of Healthcare Computer Application skills
  • Computer Implementation skills
  • Adaptability skills (changing technological environment)
  • Presentation of information skills
  • Evaluation of data skills
  • Team Player skills
  • Oral and Written Communication skills

Potential Careers with a Masters Degree in Health Informatics

Graduates with masters degrees in Health Informatics can count on getting mid-level to executive-level positions in medical offices, hospitals, medical software companies, pharmaceutical companies and health care consulting firms. Job titles include information systems analysts, technology managers, medical information consultants and information security officers . In 2006, the U.S. Department of Labor predicted strong growth in the health care information and health care management fields to occur through 2016. In 2008, the agency reported that health care managers earned $88,750 on average.

Schools Offering Masters Degree in Health Informatics

University of CaliforniaDavis

One of the options for a masters in health informatics is the University of California at Davis. Its program is forty five credit hours and after completion you get a Master of Science in Health Informatics degree. The program was designed as a research-oriented and requires both a masters thesis and a research project. Mandatory courses include introduction to health informatics, clinical data analysis and acquisition, seminars on health informatics research and computer-based patient records.

University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago offers several informatics programs which related to the health care industry. These programs include medical informatics, health informatics, health care IT, health information management, pharmacy informatics and nursing. The university is offering an on line Master of Science in Health Informatics degree, which requires completion of forty five credit hours. The degree has both non-research and research tracks. Courses, which are required by both tracks include legal issues and ethics, health care information systems, health care data, organizational and social issues, vendor management and health care IT. The additional courses in strategic inquiry, along with seminars in biomedical and health information sciences are required.


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