Masters Degrees in Medical Informatics

Masters Degree in Medical InformaticsIf you are unfamiliar with medical informatics, here goes its definition. Medical informatics is a complex of methods and tools of automated data processing, which are involved in one or more medical procedures or researches. If you are aimed to earn a master’s degree in medical informatics you will have to study an extensive course that includes many aspects of medical applications of computer-based analytic and automation complexes.

Work was carried out to study the business processes of health care setting. Despite the fact that analysts prevailed over the idea of ​​abandoning paper, an important source of information about the subject area was still paperwork.

Among the major problems confronting the developers at the very beginning of the medical informatics era included the following:

  • Large volume and variety of types of medical information;
  • Lack of formalization (conceptualization and standardization) domain;
  • Constantly expanding conceptual and conceptual framework of the domain (medicine);
  • The need for simultaneous support of paper and paperless technologies work.

Studies have shown that the capacity of existing methodologies and tools for solving problems of building integrated medical information systems is not enough. Studies were continued in the direction of the search towards scientific, technological and methodological solutions.

A new framework introduced by medical informatics is designed for innovative medical technologies and accommodates to new discoveries and products. The information system allows the inclusion of all the services of medical institutions into a single complex on the basis of modern information technologies and, thereby, increases efficiency and quality of treatment and diagnostic services, to increase the capacity of diagnostic services and medical offices.

At the same time in the medical facility the technological process changes itself as well as a computer input, storage and processing of information provides new opportunities. Implementation of all these technologies requires highly qualified personnel, such as graduates with masters degree in medical informatics.

Specialists in Medical Informatics

Specialists in medical informatics are also taught principles of telemedicine. Telemedicine reduces the cost of the treatment process, overcomes the professional isolation, improving quality of care. In practice this is achieved primarily through opportunities to work with the patients medical record using thin client through the Web. The control system of visual information allows the physician access to medical images for diagnostic and reporting purposes, including remote access to archives and libraries of images. Medical informatics specialist will also learn how to perform:

  • Administration, economic and general tasks in clinic
  • Tasks to support therapeutic and diagnostic measures
  • Tasks support of laboratory and diagnostic studies
  • Providing support to control the treatment process from the more experienced professionals, heads of departments and other officials

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