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The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the HITECH Act, healthcare information technology or healthcare informatics has become a very popular degree program for youth. The demand for healthcare informatics professionals will grow in this field in the years to come due to the effort to integrate medical databases on a national level.

Healthcare informatics scinece combines the science of computers with the required reporting of medical information in order to produce a whole new level of computer specialist. People entering this field are usually coming from clinical or nursing backgrounds or, alternatively, they may come from computer backgrounds.

Generally, students from the majority of online programs can access course materials on their computers twenty four hours a day, and that allows for more flexibility, but all students should expect to devote from fifteen to twenty hours every week to each three-credit course. To substitude a traditional classroom environment, students take tests online and communicate with professors via e-mail , view posted presentations and engage in discussion forums. Potential students should be fully informed about software and hardware requirements before enrolling into an online healthcare informatics degree.

Different online health care informatics programs are designed to lead to a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management, open to those with associate degrees in health-related fields and qualified high-school graduates. Other online programs are preparing for post-baccalaureate certificates, post-masters certificates or Master of Science in Health Informatics degrees.

Like with the traditional programs, online degree programs have entrance requirements, for example, transcripts from high school and, where its appropriate, graduate and college school. It also possible for program applicants to need a demonstrated professional experience or training in related areas such as health-care, IT, consulting or law and specified minimum GPA.

An online health informatics degree can give you a big advantage comparing to the traditional studies. The B.S. in Health Informatics combines concepts in leadership practice , information technology, and healthcare in order to provide the students with the skills and knowledge they need to be a valuable manager , developer, and designerof health information systems. The students can become unique assets in the high-demand fields of health information management and  health informatics with the added credibility of five recognized IT certifications.

Featured Online Degree Programs

Online Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Informatics

With the increase of available federal funding for this career path, a lot of colleges are offering online healthcare informatics programs. Students can come from a computer background or a healthcare background . For example, nurses would need computer training while computer specialists would need to learn the basics of medical information.

An online bachelors degree in health care informatics demands a computer classes such as software applications and business data communications systems, business courses such as cost accounting, and general education foundation. These fields are combined with health-related courses in physiology and anatomy, quality assessment methods of health care , and health-care delivery systems. A online masters degree in the field is designed to provide more specialized study of information design, retrieval, storage, and sources because they apply to the field and will examine ethical , organizational and social issuesm which are always related to health-care information.

Students may also take courses in the following areas:

  • Health care information security
  • Systems analysis
  • Health data
  • Biomedical information sources
  • Communications skills
  • Managing health care vendors
  • Biomedical science

Online Graduate Certificates in Healthcare Informatics

The most common online healthcare informatics program available is online graduate certificate one. It is designed for students who already have a bachelors or masters degree. As the field has matured, more medical records technicians are seeking official certification, which is offered by graduate-level certificates.

This online program can be offered as part of a university curriculum and would follow the quarter system of classes or usual semester. The majority are asynchronous abd it allows students to take the classes as they wish within the overall time framework. Graduate certificate programs in healthcare informatics are usually combined from seven or eightt courses or approximately twenty four credit hours.

Online Health Information Management Masters Degree

Though pursuing a Health Management Informatics online masters degree, the students gain the knowledge which is needed to work in the IT side of Health Information Management. The students learn how to use information technology combined with information management techniques to deliver , analyze and storeimportant health care information. This program is pecifically designed to teach the importance of accessing information in the health field, how best to manage crucial biomedical information within these systems and how to develop and implement technological storage systems.

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